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Our Story

Our story in Relook Group

The life of the project began in the year 2016. Then, “Zeina Saeed”, the owner and founder of Relook Group, did not know that she would be heading a company that has a training academy and a beauty clinic licensed by the European Union as well as managing several work teams and cooperating with major companies specialized in the fields of cosmetics. However, she certainly had enough faith to reach her goals as well as the passion and love required to see beauty from another perspective. She worked to create beauty as the first concept that she believed and worked to implement in her project.

The difficulty and complexity of the procedures in the company’s original headquarters location “Sweden – Malmö” were not enough to stop the dream. Zeina, who had a business management degree, had the right plan to make a name for the company and transform it from a cosmetic clinic only to a training academy specialized in skin care, body care, teeth whitening and more. This belief was driven by the responsibility that Zeina saw as the core and foundation of her project and her eagerness to provide the results that clients dream of, and this is the same responsibility that she wants to convey to the largest possible number of people looking to enter the world of cosmetics through Relook Academy. Her goal is to create complete, expert and professional teams that undergo practical training courses according to the latest European standards and with certificates from several international entities participating in the training.

Our experience puts us first

7 years of hard work and success

Our interest in listening to what our customers desire, their ideas and hopes has grown with the growth of the project. We have turned this into a motive and a source for the services and training we provide, so much so that the Relook audience has become the driver of the development process in the company, and for this reason, the concept of “better experience” has become one of the core ethics and values ​​that we are working on.

The road ahead for Relook Group is still long, and Zeina Saeed’s dream will not lessen or stop there as the company has already begun to expand, grow and transfer its experience to many countries in the Gulf, Europe, Turkey and the Arab world. This way, the academy’s branches become closer to those who aspire to succeed in this field as the academy begins to send its students all over the world. This will allow all societies to see beauty as Zeina does, and it will give it the proper space to emerge and be free.


Relook Group Vision

A society that allows beauty to be free.


Relook Group Mission

Raising the level of interest in care and beauty in our societies by transforming those interested in the field of cosmetics to professional specialists with international certificates and expertise.


Relook Group Values

Creating beauty – responsibility – a better experience

Our Biggest steps

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At Relook Clinic, we highlight the values we believe in. We re-create your beauty with the latest and safest advanced devices in the most precise ways done by the most skilled experts in the world. We take on this responsibility to give you the best experience possible by offering the following services: